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The braking system

The braking system including the brakes Nick Leddy Jersey , brake handle, brake line.

Two mountain car brakes: brake [V] and [disc brake], [crane brake] and ordinary bicycles not common.

V brake: strength is very big, because the wheels by friction braking, so the wheels must be adjusted in place, and it is not easy to deformation.

Are less likely than V brake disc brake:, the tire lock John Tavares Jersey , high speed, the lock is very dangerous, can lead to sideslip. Disc brake is very expensive, the price of the good point is controlled in one thousand yuan, V brake 400 yuan will be able to buy a pretty good.

Are the two main types of disc brake and hydraulic disc brake and line disc brake, hydraulic disc brake on oil pressure brake pads, the great brake force Andrew Ladd Jersey , this kind of brake are common in the downhill vehicle; Line disc brake by fingers to brake, actually in XC more than enough.

The transmission system

Transmission system including tooth plate, axis, chains, flywheel.

Gear tooth plate: 3, all know, the FSA’s good Mathew Barzal Jersey , more than one hundred, are cheaper to buy a TV or lightning tooth plate, dozens of yuan.

Axis: the plum blossom hole axis and two square hole axis and length is also different, must be in accordance with the plum blossom hole or a square hole tooth plate to buy.

Chain: this is a consumable, break the chain is often ride a long distance, must bring the spare, lest in sichuan-tibet road flew a lift.

Flywheel: this should choose Throwback New York Islanders Jerseys , the eight fly 24 speed, nine fly 27 speed. Long-standing myth that profile, the more is, the more use. Driver is not actually put all the files with The Times, only 80% of the time a file, but this file must be the most adaptive driver cadence and frequency. Thus, file the more number of variable speed system Custom New York Islanders Jerseys , drivers choose to suit oneself of the gear is the more accurate. 27 speed than 24 of the speed of more than 3, let drivers have more choices.

Variable speed system

Variable speed system includes a variable speed after dip, front derailleur, dial, transmission line.

Transmission, the most common three domestic brands, it is xi ma Authentic New York Islanders Jerseys , two is an SRAM, three is MAX.

SRAM is one of the production of variable speed system, rigid design, delicate durability than sex. Xi ma on the mountain is the only manufacturer to the equal of SRAM, the high-end products can be completely crafts. They occupy the Chinese market for many years, some SRAM on the cost performance is superior, such as an SRAM - 9 X variable speed system is aimed at Shimano XT - design New York Islanders Jerseys For Sale , but the price is much cheaper. Also note that Shimano some parts are not compatible with SRAM (for example an SRAM dip drawing ratio of 1:1, and Shimano is 1:2. 5), it is best not to mix.

Dip: cent two kinds, one is the scissors transmission, 2 it is to turn the transmission, transfer the transmission shift faster, some people have a pet scissors transmission Cheap New York Islanders Jerseys , vary from person to person. Shimano transmission are mostly scissors, SRAM turn the transmission is very famous.

And there’s a couplet hands change, make the brake handle of dip and braking into a body, it has the advantage of high compatibility and beautiful, the downside is that one thousand brake the bad dip did not bad, still have all in together.

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