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Dabei seit: 22.09.2018
Beiträge: 70

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" A sanitary worker collects garbage at the public square near the gate of Shanghai's Disney Resort. Photo: CFP

Shanghai's Disney Resort officially opened on June 16 after around a month of trial operations, becoming the first Disney destination in the Chinese mainland and the sixth worldwide.

However, shortly after it opened its doors to the public, photos of visitors to the theme park acting in uncivilized ways have gone viral online, with images of children defecating and urinating on the ground particularly drawing public criticism.

Experts have called for the country to better educate people about public health and appropriate behavior, but added that the improvement of quality of tourists is a long-term process.

'Not surprising'

The discussion on public pooping at Shanghai Disney started as shortly after its trial operating period began in early May.

""Shanghai Disney's very first public urination occurred on May 22!"" claimed ""iknow-021,"" a Shanghai-based WeChat public platform that reports on local affairs.

According to ""iknow-021,"" a 5-year-old boy urinated on the floor, and the boy, together with his two peers, also climbed onto a fence with their mothers taking pictures instead of stopping them.

On the morning of May 31, a 5-year-old girl was pictured defecating into a flower bed near a Winnie the Pooh-themed attraction with her mother holding toilet paper beside, ""iknow-021"" reposted on May 31.

News website thepaper reported Sunday that a small boy defecated onto the grass in Shanghai Disney on Saturday, the first weekend after the park was officially opened.

The reports garnered netizens' attention and the hash tag ""defecating and urinating on the ground at Disney"" has received 4.3 million views in Sina Weibo, with the majority criticizing the phenomenon.

""The familiar thing happened again. This time it just changed location,"" wrote Chuansuo Zhizao, a Sina Weibo user.

""It is not surprising at all. Many people use the name of their children to do the things they want but dare not to do,"" Sina Weibo user ""I am Zhang Yu"" said.

Who to blame

Parents allowing their children to urinate and defecate in public has been a controversial issue in both Chinese and international media.

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